6.81 General 6.82 [Reserved] 6.83 Product displays 6.84 Point of sale advertising materials and consumer advertising specialties 6.85 Temporary retailers 6.86 [Reserved] 6.87 [Reserved] 6.88 Equipment and Supplies 6.89 [Reserved] 6.90 [Reserved] 6.91 Samples 6.92 Newspaper cuts 6.93 Combination packaging 6.94 Educational seminars 6.95 Consumer tasting or sampling at retail establishments 6.96 Consumer promotions 6.97 [Reserved] 6.98 Advertising service 6.99 Stocking, rotation and pricing service 6.100 Participation in retailer association activities 6.101 Merchandise 6.102 Outside signs §6.81 General (a) Application Section 105(b)(3) of the Act enumerates means to induce that may be unlawful under the subsection, subject to such exceptions as are prescribed in regulations, having due regard for public health, the quantity and value of articles involved, established trade[…]