Permitted, as long as they have no secondary value, and are valuable only as advertising. No statutory or regulatory provisions limiting size noted. Mechanical and electric signs are permitted. [KS Regulations, Agency 14, Article 10, Section 14-10-17; Div. of Alcoholic Beverage Control, “Handbook for Supplier Permits,” website, accessed 10/1/2020.]

16.1.1 Wine Permitted at on-sale licensed premises. No statutory or regulatory provisions noted limiting the size of inside signs. [WV Regulations, Title 175, Section 175-1-5 Subsection 5.4.a.2.] 16.1.2 Malt Beverages Permitted. The combined area for all signage for any single brand may not exceed a maximum of two thousand two hundred (2200) square inches. This includes crepe paper or other background or decorative materials, signs, posters, placards or similar advertising matter. [WV Regulations, Title 176, Section 176-1-7 Subsection 7.1.b.] Brewers and beer distributors may provide retailers with indoor electronic or mechanical signs of a nominal value up to $25.00 each. [OK Law, Chapter 11, Article 16, Section 11-16-18(a)(5).]

Permitted with prior approval from the Board. Signs must be submitted for approval a minimum of ninety (90) days in advance of their use. Signs intended for use in a doorway or window are limited in size to six hundred (600) square inches. Price advertising in windows is no longer limited to menus and wine lists. No more than one (1) sign or placard may be displayed for any one (1) brand at any one (1) time. Individual signs can show multiple brands produced by the same manufacturer. Such signs are subject to the point-of-sale cost limit of $300.00 per brand. Public venue licensees and certain licensees who also hold licenses issued by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board are exempt[…]

16.1.1 Permanent Signs No statutory or regulatory provisions noted limiting the size of permanent inside signs. One or more inside signs may be furnished and in use at any one time, provided that the total cost of all such signs supplied to a single retailer by each manufacturer, wholesaler, or importing wholesaler, exclusive of installation, repair and maintenance costs, does not exceed $6,000 (effective August 14, 2018). The definition of inside signs includes window painting, window trim, beverage or wine lists, and signs made from wood, glass and mirrors, as well as neon signs. Product displays also are considered to be inside signs. Permanent inside signs must include the manufacturer’s name, brand name, logo, etc., and any other marks generally[…]

Inside signs may be loaned to a retail licensee under the following guidelines: Signs must bear conspicuous and substantial product advertising. The cost of any sign may not exceed $400.00. A sign may have no utilitarian value other than its information or advertising content. For example, no business name and no directional information and no information about the retail licensee’s business; i.e., hours of operation, etc. A sign must be generic in design so that it can be used at any retail business carrying the product(s) advertised. No sign may be offered by an industry member as an inducement to a retailer to purchase the industry member’s products to the exclusion of those offered by any other industry member. Signs[…]

Inside signs are permitted. No signs advertising alcoholic beverages may be displayed in exterior windows or in the interior of the licensed premises in such a manner as to be visible from outside the licensed premises. The only exceptions are table tents or newspaper tear sheets. Retail licensees may use any advertising materials having a wholesale value of not more than $250 per item that comply with 3VAC5-20-10 inside licensed retail establishments. Advertising materials may not be illuminated, except for back bar pedestals upon which advertising matter regarding spirits may appear. For additional information on interior signs provided by industry members, refer also to Section 15, Subsection 15.1, Displays, Dealer Loaders, POS Materials. [VA Regulations, Title 3, Agency 5, Chapter[…]

Permitted under the following guidelines: A retail licensee’s name, business name and address may be included. However, such reference shall be relatively inconspicuous in relation to the entire advertisement. The sign may include the price or a space for the price of the alcoholic beverage being advertised. The sign may not include any reference to a retail licensee’s promotion or event. Retail licensees may not add anything other than price to any inside sign furnished by a supplier or wholesaler. Retail licensees are limited to one (1) neon or electric sign per brand in their windows. [FL Regulations, Chapter 61A-1, Section 61A-1.0101.]