Outside signs may be loaned to a retail licensee under the following guidelines: Signs must bear conspicuous and substantial product advertising. The cost of any sign may not exceed $400.00. A sign may have no utilitarian value other than its information or advertising content. For example, no business name and no directional information and no information about the retail licensee’s business; i.e., hours of operation, etc. Must be generic in design so that it can be used at any retail business carrying the product(s) advertised. No sign may be offered by an industry member as an inducement to a retailer to purchase the industry member’s products to the exclusion of those offered by any other industry member. Signs and advertising[…]

Wholesalers may furnish outside signs to retail licensees under federal guidelines. Refer to Title 27 CFR Part 6.102 of federal regulations for specific details. [AR Regulations, Title 2, Subtitle E. Section 2.28(10).]

Exterior signs advertising alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the premises of a Class C or D permittee (retail licensees). [OH Regulations, Chapter 4301:1-1, Section 4301:101-44(C).]

No statutory or regulatory provisions noted which would permit industry members to give outside signs to retail licensees. Assume prohibited unless advised otherwise by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. The regulations state that no advertisement of any kind relating to alcoholic beverages may be displayed on the exterior or interior of any door or the exterior of any window. [DC Regulations, Title 23, Chapter 11, Rule 1100.2.]

Prohibited. Signs advertising a specific brand or brands may not be placed on or outside premises licensed to sell alcoholic beverages at retail. [IA Regulations, Title 185, Chapter 17. Section 185-17.7(123.] It is permissible to place signs inside a fence or other enclosure that surrounds the licensed premises. Such signage must face inward. [IA Regulations, Title 185, Chapter 16, Section 185-16.31(123), and IA Law, Title IV, Subtitle 1, Chapter 123, Section 123.51.]

Suppliers and wholesalers are prohibited from furnishing outside signs to retail or dealer licensees. [IN Regulations, Title 905, Article 1, Rule 5.1, Section 1-5.1-6 and IN Law, Title 7.1, Article 5, Chapter 2, Section 7.1-5-2-4.] In addition, suppliers and wholesalers may not directly or indirectly place or display any sign advertising alcoholic beverages within two hundred (200) feet of a retail- or dealer-licensed premises. [IN Regulations, Title 905, Article 1, Rule 38, Section 1-38-1 and IN Law, Title 7.1, Article 5, Chapter 2, Section 7.1-5-2-7.] Notwithstanding the above, it is permissible for a supplier or wholesaler or its employees to place temporary banners, signs, pennants, etc., advertising alcoholic beverages by name on or within two hundred (200) feet of a[…]