Permitted. Licensees may purchase live radio commercials to take place at the licensed premises if the licensee pays the entire cost of the commercial. An industry member may be present and hand out promotional items to consumers on the premises during the time the commercial is broadcast, but shall not participate in the commercial or pay any of the cost thereof. [Ruling by the Director on Aug. 1, 2005.] A licensee may arrange for a radio station to run a remote broadcast from the licensee’s parking lot or anywhere outside the licensed premises, and the licensee or the radio station may give away food or promotional items at that location. Any food or other items may be given free to[…]

Permitted. [AL Regulations, Chapter 20-X-7, Section 20-X-7-.02 and AL Law, Title 28, Chapter 3, Section 28-3-16.]

Permitted, subject to the rules of the Bureau. [ME Law, Title 28-A, Part 1, Chapter 1, Section 6.]