Permitted only under very limited circumstances. Direct mailings may be made only to those consumers who have specifically requested that their names be put on a list to receive notice of offers or promotions. Direct mail advertising of alcoholic beverages to the general public is prohibited. [Written advice from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, dated May 7, 2002, document on Unlawful Activities dated 8/19/19 distributed to licensees and posted on the Board’s website.]

Generally permitted. However, if any such mailing includes refund offers, consumer merchandise offers, sweepstakes entry forms, etc., prior approval from the Liquor Control Commission is required. The mention of names and/or addresses of any retail licensee is prohibited. [Verbal advice from Michigan Liquor Control Commission representative Mary Pride, September 1999; MI Law, Chapter 436, Act 58, Chapter 6, Section 436.1610d.]

Suppliers and wholesalers may send information directly to consumers. Instant-redeemable coupons and/or mail-in refund offers may be included.

Permitted. However, no cents-off coupons redeemable by a retail licensee may be included in any direct mailing to consumers. [OK Law, Title 37A, Chapter 3, Section 3-119.]

Permitted. The name(s) and location(s) of any retail licensees may be included. Regulation 47-316(C) of Colorado regulations, which prohibits the mention of the names and addresses of retail licensees in advertising, specifically excludes internet websites, Facebook, blogs, and emails from these restrictions. [CO Regulations, Regulation 47-316(C).]

Permitted, provided there is no solicitation of an order. Please note that refunds and instant-redeemable coupons are prohibited, and may not be included in any direct mailing. [Written advice from the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.]

Product-related information may be mailed to consumers. [Written advice from the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, dated April 25, 2002.]

Product information only may be sent to consumers. No refund or rebate coupons of any type may be included. [Written opinion from the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Division, dated September 4, 1997.]