Table wines may be advertised through the use of tethered aerial displays, subject to the following conditions: Prior written approval for both the display and its proposed location has been issued by the Board. The display may only be tethered or anchored on a retail licensee’s premises for no longer than forty-eight (48) continuous hours. Aerial displays will be permitted only in conjunction with special events and/or promotional activities, and shall not be used solely in the ordinary course of a licensee’s business. Aerial displays are not permitted after 2:00 a.m. on Sunday. Aerial displays are not permitted where their use is determined to be detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of the public. Aerial displays must comply with[…]

Relative to use at a licensed premises, inflatables may be used inside the licensed premises only. [FL Law, Title 34, Chapter 561, Section 561.42.]

Inflatables may not be offered to regular licensees. However, such items may be given to a charitable organization holding a temporary permit, if all the guidelines allowing sponsorship assistance are followed. [Written opinion from the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Division, dated September 4, 1997.]

Inflatable bottles may be used inside licensed premises only. [Written advice from the Maine Department of Public Safety, dated September 2008.]

A large inflatable bottle or other brand icon displayed outside a retail licensed premise would be considered an outside sign. Exterior signs advertising alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the exterior of a Class “C” or “D” permittee’s licensed premises (retail licensees). [OH Regulations, Chapter 4301:1-1, Section 4301:1-1-44.] No provisions noted that would prohibit the use of inflatable bottles or other brand icons inside licensed premises.

Permitted at both on-sale and off-sale licensed premises. [Written advice from the Idaho State Liquor Division, dated April 25, 2002.]

Inflatables may be used under the guidelines for both inside and outside signs set forth in Subsections 16.1, Signs Inside Licensed Premises, and 16.2 Signs Outside Licensed Premises. Note in particular the cost limitation on the value of signs that can be furnished.

Parameters outlined below for billboards and “spectacular signs” apply. Under the provisions of Title 185, Chapter 16, Section 185-16.13(123), Subsection 16.13(3), of Iowa regulations, an industry member may furnish a billboard or “spectacular sign” to a retail licensee, provided the sign bears conspicuous, permanently affixed advertising identifying the industry member or its products, and has no secondary value to a retail licensee. Such signs can be displayed only within the retail licensed premises or on a fence or similar enclosure facing into the retail licensed premises. If the billboard or sign has secondary value (e.g., scorekeeping capabilities, menu board, message center, etc.), it only can be furnished to a retail licensee under the following conditions: It is not on a[…]