Wholesalers are permitted to accept a return of alcohol beverages previously sold to retailers for ordinary and usual commercial reasons and to provide account credit or product exchange. Such commercial reasons for return shall be limited to the following: Defective products: Products qualifying under this exception are those that are upon delivery, or later become, unmarketable due to contamination or deterioration of product ingredients, leaking containers, damaged labels, or damaged or compromised container seals. Broken containers or short-filled containers/cases: Nothing shall prevent a retailer from making a claim for the replacement of alcohol beverages that were delivered by a wholesaler in a damaged or incomplete condition, and nothing shall prevent a wholesaler from granting credible claims. Error in products delivered:[…]

17.4.1 By Wholesalers The Director of the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control may issue export permits for the shipping of merchandise back to manufacturers when: Non-posted items are shipped into Kansas in error and a request for an export permit is submitted within five (5) days of receipt of the non-posted merchandise; Merchandise in inventory is unsaleable and the supplier wants the merchandise returned rather than destroyed; The distributor does not wish to retain excess merchandise received in error; or Issuing such a permit is deemed appropriate by the Director. Requests to return merchandise shall be submitted to the Director on forms prescribed by the director and shall include: The total number of containers or cases in the shipment; The[…]

Returns are allowed by all wholesalers under the following conditions: When product that was not ordered by the retailer is delivered in good faith through mistake, inadvertence, or oversight. Replacement of product breakage that occurred while the alcoholic beverage was in transit from the wholesaler to the licensee. Replacement of cork-tainted wine that makes the product unsalable as long as the licensee notifies the wholesaler of the defect in writing within ninety (90) days after delivery. A beer distributor or a holder of a small brewer self-distribution license or brewpub self-distribution license may withdraw, with the permission of the retailer, a quantity of beer or cider in undamaged original packaging from the retailer’s stock if: The beer distributor or holder[…]

The Alcoholic Beverage Code prohibits distributors, wineries, or wholesalers from refunding or exchanging products sold to a retailer, with the exception of the following circumstances: Alcoholic beverages may be replaced with like product, provided the product was damaged upon or prior to delivery or was unfit for consumption upon delivery, or is determined to be a consumer safety issue caused during the manufacturing process.  (Wholesalers, distributors or wineries shall notify TABC immediately regarding any consumer safety issues that result in an exchange.) Wholesalers may not give a refund or replacement for products damaged while in the possession of the retailer. [TX Law, Alcoholic Beverage Code, Title 4, Chapter 104, Section 104.05(d).] Malt beverages that have not passed their expiration date[…]

Consignment sales are specifically prohibited and the conditions under which a retailer may return products are expressly delineated in IL Law, Section 6-5.5, as follows: There must be a bona fide business reason for the replacement of any alcoholic beverage product free of charge to a retailer. Ordinary and usual commercial reasons for return of product are limited to the following: (1) defective products; (2) errors in delivery; (3) products that cannot be lawfully sold; (4) termination of retailer’s business; (5) older versions of a product may be exchanged for the newer version; (6) discontinued products and (7) seasonal dealers may return product likely to spoil during the off-season. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a distributor is under no obligation to accept[…]