3.1 Product Approval Requirements Product registration is required. Product registration can be done by mail or online. If done online, payment of the fee can be done by credit card. Product registrations will be approved within thirty (30) days or less, but registrations submitted by mail are processed more slowly. Effective December 31, 2020, product registration for all types of products will cover a range of sizes. Malt beverages will be approved as a range from four fluid ounces (4 oz) to fifteen-and-a-half gallons (15.5 gal). Wines will be approved as a range from fifty milliliters (50 ml) to fifty-eight liters (58 L). Distilled spirits will be approved as a range from twenty-five milliliters (25 ml) to one-and-three-quarters liter (1.75[…]

3.1 Product Approval Requirements Brand registration is required. The label for each size and vintage of the same product brand/type must be registered separately, along with the required $25.00 fee. If changes are made to a previously approved label, the new label must be re-submitted for approval. This includes changes to label graphics or information on the label, vintage changes, changes in proof, etc. Registrations expire annually, and there is an annual registration fee of $25.00 due prior to July 1 each year for each new brand/type/size registered. Brands and labels must be registered on-line and payment remitted electronically. A copy of TTB Certificate of Label Approval must be submitted; however if TTB label approval is not required, a copy[…]

3.1 Product Approval Requirements 3.1.1 Wine and Distilled Spirits For wine products over 6% ABV, there is an initial registration fee of $20.00 for each size of a wine type listed with the State Liquor Commission, and a $15.00 annual maintenance fee thereafter. [NH Law, Title XIII, Chapter 179, Section 179:36.] No similar requirement is noted for distilled spirits. 3.1.2 Malt Beverages and Other Alcoholic Beverages 6% ABV and Under For malt beverage products and other alcoholic beverages 6% ABV and under, there is no fee for product label approval. For new product approvals, revised labels, and new package configurations, a “Beverage Vendor Product Approval Information” form must be submitted by email to audit@liquor.nh.gov. The form can be found on[…]

3.1 Product Approval Requirements for Suppliers 3.1.1 Wine A copy of the federal Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) emailed to the Board will be accepted as adequate approval. For wine under 7% ABV or cider no greater that 8.5% ABV, submit WA LCB form LIQ 231, “Application for Product Tracking Code for Beer, Wine Less than 7% ABV or Cider No Greater than 8.5% ABV.” Samples generally are not required but must be submitted for analysis upon request by the Board. Wineries are not required to obtain approval for wine labels on wine that is only sold directly to Washington consumers. [WA Regulations, Title 314, Chapter 314-24, Sections 314-24-040 and 314-24-090.] Note: Unlike federal regulations, which do not require a[…]

3.1 Product Approval Requirements Label registration is required. Distributors must be appointed. Territories are not exclusive, but any change or addition of distributors in Missouri must fully comply with the State’s franchise regulation (see Section 10, Franchise Laws/Wholesaler Registration Requirements). Revised labels must be re-registered as revisions. Effective January 1, 2018 label registration is now done online. Gift packs, combination packages, and Value-Added Packs (VAPs) do not require separate label approval, but the products(s) that are part of the package must be registered with ATC. The following documents are required for registration or re-registration: A copy of the federal Certificate of Label Approval approved by the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). Electronic images of labels in[…]

3.1 Product Approval Requirements Label registration is required. At time of registration, Form ATT-104 must be filed for each brand/label to be distributed in Georgia and for each brand/label sold direct to GA consumers. Filing must be done on line at https://gtc.dor.ga.gov. For labels sold to GA wholesalers, the supplier must indicate the sales territories—those counties in which each wholesaler will be selling the product being registered—for each brand and label registered. Only one (1) wholesaler can be registered for a brand in any particular county. There cannot be any overlapping territories. The registration fee (applies only for distilled spirits) is $100.00 for the first ten (10) brands and $10.00 for each additional brand over ten (10). There is no[…]

3.1 Product Approval Requirements Note: “Mixed spirit drinks” (spirits coolers) are sold through the private sector and are subject to the same product approval requirements as wines and malt beverages. Refer to the MICHIGAN OPEN Digest for details. 3.1.1 Listed Items All distilled spirits products sold to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission must be registered online through the MLCC’s E-Quote system. Contact the Commission for instructions on how to accomplish this. 3.1.2 Possible Listings All distilled spirits products sold to the Commission must be registered online. Detailed instructions can be found on the Commission’s website. In addition to submitting an E-Quote on-line for possible listing, it is also necessary to submit an empty sample bottle for the Commission’s review. If[…]

3.1 Product Approval Requirements Label registration is required before any wine, malt beverage, or mixed drink products can be sold to Michigan wholesalers or consumers. Cider and other wine products with an alcohol content of less than 7% ABV are also required to be registered. There is no fee. Labels are registered online. A password to access the online site is provided when a license is issued. Contact the Commission for details on how to access the system if you do not already have access. Wholesalers must be assigned to all products except those that are available for sale to Michigan consumers only. Provide COLA ID number unless product is exempt. For cider and wine products containing less than 7%[…]

3.1 Product Approval Requirements: Distilled Spirits and Wine 3.1.1 Listed Items Two (2) samples of the label are required when there is a major revision. If the product itself has changed significantly, samples of the product also are required. 3.1.2 Possible Listings A photograph of the package and/or samples of the label and a photograph are required. Refer to section 4, Subsection 4.1, Price Posting/Quotations/Lead Times, for a complete list of all documents required when submitting a product for possible listing. A sample of the actual product may be submitted to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control for the purpose of acquiring a new listing; however, suppliers or their representatives may not submit more than two (2) samples of a[…]

3.1 Product Approval Requirements Label registration is required for wine and malt beverages. Forms and instructions can be found on the Commission website. [NC Regulations Title 14B, Subchapter 15C, Rules .0201 and .0202.] The following information/documentation is required. Completed product/label approval form with original label(s) attached, each product listed on a separate form. A copy of the federal Certificate of Label Approval. For wine, analysis statement completed in its entirety, as shown on the product/label approval form, or a sample bottle for analysis. For malt beverages, certified analysis showing the alcoholic content by volume, bearing the signature of the person performing the analysis. Effective January 31, 2020, there is no fee to register a malt beverage or wine product. Distribution[…]