15.8.1 Product Samples to On-Premise Retailers Samples may be given to on-premise licensees under the following conditions: The retailer’s license permits the sale of the class of beverages being offered as a sample. The giving of samples is not conditioned upon future purchases of alcoholic beverages or as compensation for any previous purchase. The retail licensee has not purchased the product SKU of the alcoholic beverage offered as a sample in the previous six (6) months. Samples are limited to the following quantities: Distilled spirits Not more than three (3) liters per brand Wine Not more than three (3) liters per brand Malt liquor Not more than one (1) 6-pack per brand Fermented malt beverages Not more than one (1)[…]

Suppliers may sell glassware to retail licensees at the actual cost to the original purchaser. [CO Regulations, Regulation 47-322(K).] CAUTION: Under Title 27 CFR Part 6.88 of the federal regulations, glassware includes “…similar containers made of other material….”

Wholesalers are permitted to accept a return of alcohol beverages previously sold to retailers for ordinary and usual commercial reasons and to provide account credit or product exchange. Such commercial reasons for return shall be limited to the following: Defective products: Products qualifying under this exception are those that are upon delivery, or later become, unmarketable due to contamination or deterioration of product ingredients, leaking containers, damaged labels, or damaged or compromised container seals. Broken containers or short-filled containers/cases: Nothing shall prevent a retailer from making a claim for the replacement of alcohol beverages that were delivered by a wholesaler in a damaged or incomplete condition, and nothing shall prevent a wholesaler from granting credible claims. Error in products delivered:[…]

Suppliers may provide labor at no cost for the services described in this section. Note: A “supplier” is defined as a Colorado licensed manufacturer, non-resident manufacturer, wholesaler or alcoholic beverage importer. 15.11.1 Stocking, Rotation, Price Marking, Merchandising/Resets Product rotation, product stocking, price marking, merchandising, and resets are permitted. Suppliers may not disturb another supplier’s products while performing these activities; however this restriction does not apply to resets if a competitor has been given a minimum of seventy-two (72) hours written notice and has elected not to participate in the reset. [CO Regulations, Regulation 47-322(M) and 47-322(I).] Stocking is defined as the act of a supplier placing or replenishing its alcohol beverage product on any shelf, refrigerator, or similar location within[…]

Note: This section summarizes the temporary changes implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic that are of interest to interstate suppliers. For the period July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021, specified on-premises retailers (including Hotels and Restaurant licensees, Tavern licensees, Brew Pub licensees, Distillery Pub licensees, Vintner Restaurant licensees, Lodging and Entertainment licensees, Beer And Wine licensees, Manufacturer Sales Room licensees, and Tap Room licensees) may sell the types of alcohol beverages they are currently licensed to sell in their licensed premises, including mixed drinks, to consumers for off-premises consumption via take-out or delivery. Food need not be included in the purchase. Delivery must be made by an employee of the licensee who is twenty-one (21) years of age or[…]

14.1 Direct Sales and Shipments to Consumers Wine only may be shipped directly to Colorado residents, under the following guidelines: A Winery Direct Shipper’s Permit may be issued only to applicants who operate a winery in the United States and who hold all state and federal licenses and permits necessary to legally operate the winery. Permits will be valid for one (1) year. In the case of a permittee shipping from more than one (1) winery location, a permit is needed for each location shipping to Colorado residents. The cost is $100.00 per year per permit. Note: There are no statutory or regulatory provisions that would permit importers, retail licensees or any other entity to ship wine or any other[…]

Industry members may not provide a retail licensee with any goods below fair market value other than those expressly permitted under Colorado statutes, regulations or Special Event Codes. [CO Regulations, Regulation 47-322(K).] Suppliers also may rent equipment to retail licensees. All equipment rentals by an industry member to a retailer must be at fair market value. [CO Regulations, Regulation 47-322(J).]

Permitted as follows: Suppliers may provide sponsorship fees to advertise at charitable or civic events that are temporary in nature, where the supplier’s sponsorship fee affords the supplier exclusive signage rights at the retail premises, and where sponsorship proceeds are received directly by the charity or civic endeavor, and not by a licensed retailer. Suppliers may provide a sponsorship fee to advertise in ballparks, resorts, racetracks, stadiums, concert venues or entertainment districts as long as such sponsorship fee is not paid to a person or entity holding a retail license at such venue, directly or indirectly, and is not intended to influence the product selection of such retailer. The retailer’s product selection for the event may not change as a[…]