14.1. Direct Sales and Shipments to Consumers 14.1.1 Shipments by Out-of-State Wine Producers or Manufacturers Sparkling wine or table wine may be sold and shipped directly to Louisiana residents by an out-of-state wine producer or manufacturer under the guidelines set forth below: The manufacturer must hold a valid manufacturing permit in its state of domicile. The manufacturer must first obtain Authority to Make Direct Shipments of Wines to Louisiana Consumers from the Louisiana Department of Revenue. The annual fee is $150. The authority must be renewed June 30th of each year. Any out-of-state shipper of sparkling or still wine domiciled outside of Louisiana must obtain a permit from the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control prior to engaging in the[…]

Note: Louisiana law also specifies the number of bottles that may be packed in a case. Upon application submission, in duplicate, and approved by the Secretary of the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control, those specifications may be waived if good cause can be shown. Refer to the statute cited below for further details. 5.1. Wine Maximum Size 20 Liters Minimum Size 187 ml Note: Within the size range shown above, wine may be sold in any containers conforming to the standard of fill for wine authorized in federal regulations. In addition, wine may also be sold in 355 ml and 250 ml containers. 5.2. Distilled Spirits Maximum Size 1.75 Liter Minimum Size 50 ml Distilled spirits may not be[…]

Note: This section summarizes the temporary changes implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic that are of interest to interstate suppliers. On a temporary basis, ATC will allow restaurant permit holders to sell or offer for sale pre-packaged beer and/or wine through drive through or curbside pick-up without an additional application or notification. Any restaurant intending to offer delivery of food with beer or wine by their own employees may submit to the ATC an application for alcohol delivery. During the health emergency, ATC is prioritizing the processing of all delivery applications. ATC has also made a temporary (three-month) delivery permit available for a reduced permit fee. [LA ATC Announcement dated March 16, 2020, updated March 23, 2020.]

15.11.1 Alcoholic beverages over 6% ABV Wholesalers and suppliers (and their employees, agents or brokers) who deal in alcoholic beverages in excess of six percent (6%) alcohol by volume, wine coolers in excess of six percent (6%) alcohol by volume, and mixed beverages of any alcoholic content may engage in the following shelf-stocking activities: Build and stock displays of their products on retail off-sale licensed premises. Such displays may not in any way be part of the retail licensee’s regular shelving. Restock displays of their products for a maximum of one (1) month after installation. Rotate their own products on shelves, provided that products of other industry members are not altered or disturbed. Wholesalers and suppliers, as defined above, may[…]

17.4.1 By Wholesalers [Reserved] 17.4.2 By Retailers Permitted under the following circumstances: Products that are unmarketable due to product deterioration, leakage or damaged labels may be exchanged. Returns are allowed for the correction of discrepancies between products ordered and products actually delivered, provided that such corrections take place within one (1) week of delivery. Products may be returned that are on hand at the time a retail licensee closes or terminates its business. Such returns may be for cash or credit against outstanding receivables. This includes temporary seasonal events or temporary shutdowns where the industry member can demonstrate that the products would be likely to spoil during such shutdown. Out-dated product that is within twenty-one (21) days of date code[…]

A manufacturer, wholesaler or retail licensee is not prohibited from purchasing, displaying and/or transmitting inside or outside signs or other advertising and marketing products from the owner, operator, promoter, or lessee of an event or venue conducting events so long as the retailer of alcoholic beverages is licensed as a caterer and the following guidelines are followed: The caterer licensee has been hired to provide food and beverage concession services pursuant to a written agreement with the owner, operator, promoter, or lessee of the event or venue. The caterer licensee receives no monetary benefit, directly or indirectly from the manufacturer, wholesaler or retail licensee in connection with the provision or purchase of signs or advertising or marketing products from the[…]

2.1 Company Licenses/Permits Note: Refer to Section 14, Direct Shipments to Consumers and/or Retailers for more details (wine only). A permit is required. For manufacturers and suppliers selling less than one thousand (1,000) cases in Louisiana during a license year, the fee is $200.00. For manufacturers and suppliers selling one thousand (1,000) cases or more in Louisiana during a license year, the fee is $1,000.00. Remittance must be in the form of a certified or cashier’s check, company check or money order. Out-of-State Manufacturer’s/Supplier’s Permits expire annually on December 31, and must be renewed prior to that date. Application form and instructions can be found on the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control website. Suppliers must first obtain Authority to[…]