Note: This section summarizes the temporary changes implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic that are of interest to interstate suppliers. 17.7.1 Curbside Sales and Delivery All retail-by-drink licenses include the privilege of selling alcoholic beverages in the original package for off-premises consumption, and licensees may provide carry-out and curbside pickup services. If a curbside pickup option is provided, licensees must adhere to the delivery guidelines. Payment for all transactions must occur on the licensed premises, either in advance or by phone or internet. The sale must be directly to the store and not go through third-party websites or mobile applications, etc. Delivery must be made by an employee of the retailer who is twenty-one (21) years of age or older.[…]

3.1 Product Approval Requirements Label registration is required. Distributors must be appointed. Territories are not exclusive, but any change or addition of distributors in Missouri must fully comply with the State’s franchise regulation (see Section 10, Franchise Laws/Wholesaler Registration Requirements). Revised labels must be re-registered as revisions. Effective January 1, 2018 label registration is now done online. Gift packs, combination packages, and Value-Added Packs (VAPs) do not require separate label approval, but the products(s) that are part of the package must be registered with ATC. The following documents are required for registration or re-registration: A copy of the federal Certificate of Label Approval approved by the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). Electronic images of labels in[…]

Advertising is permitted by print, audio or video means, including but not limited to motion pictures, newspapers, internet, email, texting, website, mobile applications, magazines or similar publications or other printed or graphic matter, or any electronic means. [MO Regulations, Title 11, Division 70, Chapter 2, Section 2.240.] Industry members may furnish retail licensees with newspaper cuts, mats or engraved blocks for use in advertising its retail business. [MO Law, Title XX, Chapter 311, Section 311.070, Subsection 4(9).]

Industry members may package and distribute alcoholic beverages in combination with other non-alcoholic items, as originally packaged by the supplier for sale to consumers. Notwithstanding any provision of the law to the contrary, wholesalers are not required to charge more for such non-alcoholic items than their actual cost. [MO Law, Title XX, Chapter 311, Section 311.070, Subsection 4(8).] Combination packages do not require label approval unless the label has changed and the changes do not fall within the list of allowable changes to already approved labels. [ATC Industry Circular, Combination Packaging, issued September 3, 2019.]

15.15.1 General A distiller, brewer, winemaker or wholesaler may sell equipment or supplies to a retail licensee, provided all of the requirements set forth below are met. Any such equipment or supplies must be sold at a price not less than the cost to the industry member who originally purchased the equipment or supplies. The amount charged must be collected in accordance with the credit regulations contained in the Missouri state regulations. [MO Law, Title XX, Chapter 311, Section 311.070, Subsections 3(2), 4(4) and (5).] 15.15.2 Premixed Distilled Spirits Beverages Notwithstanding any other provisions of Chapter 311 of Missouri law to the contrary, a distiller or wholesaler may install dispensing accessories—equipment designed to preserve and serve premixed distilled spirits beverages[…]