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Wine with an alcohol content over 16% ABV and distilled spirits are sold only through the state-controlled system. Wine with an alcohol content of up to 16% ABV and hard cider under 6.9% ABV are sold both through the state-controlled system and the private sector (wholesalers).

15.16.1 Entertainment of Retailers The Montana statutes and regulations are silent on this subject. Therefore, IRS guidelines and your company policy should apply. 15.16.2 Contests/Incentives for Retailers and Their Employees It is unlawful to grant, allow, pay money or give anything of substantial value to licensees, their agents or employees to induce the sale of a particular brand or product. [MT Regulations, Title 42, Chapter 11, Subchapter 2, Section 42.11.251(2)(e).]

15.9.1 Sampling/Tasting for Consumers Wine and/or beer tasting/sampling is permitted under the following conditions: Tastings must be conducted by the holder of an on-premise consumption retail license, special permit or an on-premise consumption retail license with a catering endorsement. Wineries, wine importers, breweries, and wholesalers may not sponsor a wine or beer tasting anywhere other than on retail licensed premises, a domestic winery premises, or a brewery premises as permitted under Montana regulations, a catering premises, or at a special event held by a special event permittee. A wine or beer distributor, wholesaler, importer, winery or brewery must purchase the product to be used for tasting from the applicable retail licensee at the ordinary retail price. Participation is limited to[…]