2.1 Company Licenses/Permits Note: Refer to section 14, Direct Shipments to Consumers and/or Retailers, for more details (wine only). A Beverage Supplier License is required. The license does not expire. There is no fee for this license, and forms can be found on the Tax Commission website. [ND Law, Title 19, Chapter 19-08, Section 19-08-04.] 2.2 Sales Representative Licenses No license is required.

North Dakota follows federal law. Refer to Title 27 CFR Part 11, Subpart D, of the federal regulations for specific details. [Written advice from the Office of the North Dakota State Tax Commissioner, dated August 2008.]

15.9.1 Sampling/Tasting for Consumers Note: The information set forth below applies to all classes of alcoholic beverages. Permitted from the premises of an off-sale retail licensee, if not prohibited by local ordinance. The wholesaler must use its own employees to conduct the tasting/sampling, and any product withdrawn from the wholesaler’s inventory for the event that has not been used must be removed from the retailer’s licensed premises at the conclusion of the tasting event. The wholesaler may not advertise the event; however, the retail licensee may, at his own expense, advertise the event. [Attorney General’s Opinion (AGO 81-42), dated April 21, 1981 and Division’s website, accessed December 4, 2012.] 15.9.2 Promotional Activities on Licensed Premises The statutes and regulations are[…]