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Note: This section summarizes the temporary changes implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic that are of interest to interstate suppliers. 17.7.1 On-Premise Retailers Executive Order 17 of the Tennessee Governor, issued March 22, 2020 temporarily suspended the provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 57, and related rules and other state or local laws, orders, rules, or regulations to the extent necessary to allow restaurants, limited service restaurants, and wine-only restaurants to sell alcoholic beverages or beer for take-out or delivery, so long as the following conditions are met: Any sale of an alcoholic beverage or beer for consumption off the premises must be accompanied by the sale of food in the same order; Sales of alcoholic beverages or beer for[…]

14.1 Direct Sales and Shipments to Consumers Entities holding a federal basic permit under the Federal Alcohol Administration (FAA) Act and who are engaged in the business of manufacturing, bottling or rectifying wine, may ship wine only directly to Tennessee residents who are at least twenty-one (21) years old, under the following guidelines: The person or entity must obtain a Wine Direct Shipper license from the Alcoholic Beverage Commission. There is a $300.00 one-time non-refundable fee and an annual license fee of $150.00. Licenses are valid for one (1) year and must be renewed annually, one year from the date of issuance. Forms and complete instructions can be found on the Commission website. Such shipments may not total more than[…]

15.16.1 Entertainment of Retailers Industry members or their representatives (including third party marketing entities) are not prohibited from providing a retail licensee or his employees with routine business entertainment which is defined as follows: Meals or beverages. Concerts, theatre and arts entertainment. Sports participation and entertainment. Entertainment at charitable events. Private parties: There is no maximum dollar amount for providing routine business entertainment under items 2, 3, or 4 above. Otherwise, routine business entertainment expenses may not exceed $100 per twenty-four (24) hour period for an employee of any on- or off-premise retail licensee or any other individual such as a sole proprietor, corporate officer, director or shareholder, partner, etc. Further, routine business entertainment may not exceed six (6) employees[…]

A wholesaler, wholesaler’s salesman or other representative may, with the consent of the retail licensee, stock, rotate and affix prices to distilled spirits and wines or other alcoholic beverages that they sell, provided that products purchased by the retailer from other wholesalers are not altered or disturbed in any way. An industry member may rearrange or reset only such portion of the store or liquor department as is necessary for the placement of its product. In providing the afore-mentioned services, a wholesaler, its salesman or other representative may enter the private or non-public areas of the retail licensee. [TN Alcoholic Beverage Commission Regulations, Chapter 0100-6, Rule 0100-6-.03(12).] CAUTION: No member of the supplier or wholesaler tier or any employee, representative,[…]