14.1 Direct Sales and Shipments to Consumers Permitted for beer and wine only under the following conditions: The shipping entity must hold a Wine Shipper’s License and/or a Beer Shipper’s License. These licenses may be issued to any winery, farm winery or brewery located within or outside of Virginia. Forms can be found on the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control website. Retail licensees located within or outside Virginia also may apply for a combined Wine or Beer Shipper’s License. Effective July 1, 2018, the cost of a license is as follows: Wine Shipper’s License $230.00 annually Beer Shipper’s License $230.00 annually Wine and Beer Shipper’s License $230.00 annually There is also an initial application fee of $195.00. [VA Law, Title[…]

15.9.1 Manufacturers and Wholesalers Manufacturers of alcoholic beverages, whether or not licensed in the state of Virginia, licensed Virginia wholesalers or the authorized representatives of each may conduct tastings of beer, wine or distilled spirits in hotels, restaurants and clubs licensed for the sale and consumption of such alcoholic beverages on their licensed premises, under the following guidelines: Such tastings may be conducted only by employees or authorized representatives of such manufacturers or Virginia licensed wholesalers. These individuals are required to obtain a permit from the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. Refer to Title 4.1, Chapter 2, Section 212(A)(15), of Virginia law for additional licensing information. Only those classes of alcoholic beverages that the retail licensee is authorized to sell[…]

2.1 Company Licenses/Permits Note: Refer to section 14, Direct Shipments to Consumers and/or Retailers for more details (wine only). 2.1.1 Wine A Wine Importer’s License is required. The license is renewable annually, prior to expiration on June 30. The initial application fee is $195.00 and the license tax is $460.00 for a total of $655.00. Thereafter the annual renewal is $460.00. 2.1.2 Malt Beverages A Beer Importer’s License is required. The license is renewable annually, prior to expiration on June 30. The initial application fee is $195.00 and the license tax is $460.00 for a total of $655.00. Thereafter the annual renewal is $460.00. [VA Law, Title 4.1, Chapter 1, Section 4.1-231.] 2.2 Sales Representative Licenses A Solicitor Salesman’s Permit[…]

Note: This section summarizes the temporary changes implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic that are of interest to interstate suppliers. 17.7.1 Curbside Sales and Delivery Businesses with strictly on-premise privileges (restaurants, eat-in establishments) may exercise off-premise privileges such as allowing the sale of wine or beer in sealed containers for curbside pickup in a designated area (parking lot, etc.), and delivery of those products to customers’ homes without needing a delivery permit. In order for licensed businesses to use this feature, both curbside pickup and delivery must be facilitated by a customer’s electronic order, either online, over the phone, or through an app. Licensees with off-premise privileges, including breweries, farm wineries and wineries, may sell products for curbside pickup in[…]

Mixed beverage restaurant licensees may infuse, store, and sell flavored distilled spirits under the following guidelines: If infused in the original spirits container, the mixed beverage stamp must remain affixed to the bottle. If infused in a container other than the original container, the infused container, which shall not exceed twenty (20) liters in volume, must be labeled with the following information: Date of the infusion. Brand of distilled spirits. Amount of distilled spirits in the infused product. Accurate records must be kept describing the distilled spirits used in any spirits infusion process. The licensee must comply with all applicable state and federal food safety regulations. [VA Regulations, Title 3, Agency 5, Chapter 50, Section VAC 5-50-60(F).]

“Happy hour” is defined as a specified period of time during which alcoholic beverages are sold at prices reduced from the customary price established by a retail licensee. Legislation effective July 1, 2019 allows licensed establishments to do the following to advertise drink specials and happy hours: Include prices. Use creative terms such as “Wine Down Wednesday” or “Thirsty Thursday.” Promote the time span of their happy hour/drink specials. List specific drink types and brands. Promote drink specials in advertisements and on flyers, posters, social media and their website (subject to other alcohol advertising laws and regulation. [Happy Hour Promotion page of the VA ABC website, Retail Resources area, accessed August 11, 2019.] No retail licensee or its employees may[…]

Wines (including wine coolers, cider, and fortified wine with an alcohol content up to 21% ABV) and malt beverages are sold only through the private sector (wholesalers). Low-alcohol spirit coolers with an alcohol content up to 7.5% ABV are sold both through the state-controlled system and the private sector (wholesalers).

Industry members may sponsor certain public events under the following guidelines: Note: Manufacturers may sponsor public events while wholesalers may only co-sponsor charitable events. Advertising in connection with the sponsorship of public events is limited to conservation and environmental programs, professional, semi-professional or amateur sporting and athletic events, or events of a charitable or cultural nature. Sponsorship of a collegiate, high school or lower-level event is not permitted. Cooperative advertising of such events between a retail licensee and other classes of industry members (suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers, etc.) is not permitted. Alcoholic beverages may not be contributed or awarded as prizes. Advertising must place primary emphasis on the fund-raising nature of the event. Advertising novelty and specialty items with a value[…]