How often is The Digest updated?

The Digest website is updated regularly. Once we are aware of a change and have verified it, we will update the section and users will receive a notice of the update. Print subscriptions are updated four times a year during the months of January, April, July and October.

How long is a subscription valid?

Subscriptions are made for one year.

Will I be notified when my subscription expires?

Yes. The billing contact for your company will receive a new invoice 1-2 months before the expiration date.

What is the source of the information contained in The Digest?

The information contained in The Digest comes from many different sources. Each state’s regulations and statutes are reviewed periodically. Each regulatory agency’s website is also reviewed periodically. The information can also come from advisories or bulletins issued by a regulatory agency or from verbal advice or written responses received from regulatory agencies.

Is the database searchable?

Yes! You may search by state, by topic or by words or phrases.

Can I share my password with my co-workers?

No. Each person accessing the database must have his or her own password. Please note that adding a new subscriber to your company gains the benefit of the multiple user discount. Please refer to Terms and Conditions and note that sharing your log in could result in cancellation of your subscription