5.31 General 5.32 Mandatory label information 5.32a Voluntary disclosure of major food allergens 5.32b Petitions for exemption from major food allergen labeling 5.33 Additional requirements 5.34 Brand names 5.35 Class and type 5.36 Name and address 5.37 Alcoholic content 5.38 Net contents 5.39 Presence of neutral spirits and coloring, flavoring, and blending materials 5.40 Statements of age and percentage 5.41 Bottle cartons, booklets and leaflets 5.42 Prohibited practices §5.31 General (a) Application. No person engaged in business as a distiller, rectifier, importer, wholesaler, or warehouseman and bottler, directly or indirectly, or through an affiliate, shall sell or ship or deliver for sale or shipment or otherwise introduce in interstate or foreign commerce, or receive therein, or remove from customs custody,[…]