Consumer tastings for beer or table wine 16.5% ABV and under may be held within the following parameters. Refer to the ALABAMA CONTROL Digest for guidelines covering distilled spirits tastings. 15.9.1 Table Wine 16.5% ABV and Under, Tastings at On-Premise Establishments Tastings of wine may be conducted on the premises of a retail licensee licensed to sell wine for on-premises consumption under the following guidelines: Tasting must be conducted on a licensed premises holding one of the following licenses: On-premise table wine Lounge retail liquor, Class I and Class II Restaurant retail liquor Club liquor, Class I and II Wholesaler table wine Special events retail Special retail Participants must be of legal drinking age. Product must be dispensed from original[…]

Note: Suppliers are reminded that the Federal Alcohol Administration Act (FAA) and the Federal Regulations (Title 27 CFR) contain provisions governing trade practices and those provisions may be more restrictive than state law. Therefore, Federal law may limit some activities allowed by state law and regulations. When reviewing any of the trade practice sections contained in the State Digests, suppliers should consider Federal law as well.

14.1 Direct Sales and Shipments to Consumers There are no statutory or regulatory provisions or any type of reciprocal agreement between the state of Alabama and any other state that would allow an out-of-state supplier to ship any type of alcoholic beverages directly to Alabama residents. Further, all sales, deliveries, purchases or any other electronic method of supplying beverage alcohol via the Internet, order forwarding, telegraph or telephone services, or any other related communication services are prohibited, regardless of whether such services are interstate or intrastate. [AL Regulations, Chapter 20-X-7, Section 20-X-7-.08.] Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is permissible for an Alabama resident to import alcoholic beverages for his or her personal use only with prior written permission from the Alcoholic[…]

9.1 Credit to Wholesalers No statutory or regulatory provisions noted. 9.2 Credit to Retailers Wholesalers may not extend credit to retailers. [AL Regulations, Chapter 20-X-8, Section 20-X-8.09.]

Only wine 16.5% ABV and under is sold through Alabama wholesalers. For information regarding the mechanics of—and restrictions on—changing prices on products sold through the state-controlled system, refer to the ALABAMA CONTROL Digest. 4.1 Price Posting/Quotations/Lead Times Price posting is not required. There are no statutory or regulatory provisions regarding advance notification of price changes. However, in practice, wholesalers prefer advance notification of price changes, particularly increases. Introductory prices for new items/sizes can become effective upon receipt of label approval from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. 4.2 Case Code Label Requirements Not applicable to product sold through the private sector. Refer to the ALABAMA CONTROL DIGEST for case code label requirements for products sold to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.[…]

3.1 Product Approval Requirements Label registration is required for table wine and beer. [AL Regulations, Chapter 20-X-8, Section 20-X-8-.12, and AL Law, Title 28, Chapter 7, Section 28-7-11.] Table wine must be naturally fermented only and cannot exceed 16.5% ABV. Malt beverage products cannot contain any wine and/or distilled spirits and cannot exceed 13.9% ABV. The brand registration form and instructions can be found on the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board website. Product may not be shipped into the state of Alabama until approval has been issued. [AL Law, Title 28, Chapter 3, Section 28-3A-6.] 3.2 Container Deposit Requirements There are no container deposit requirements for any class of alcoholic beverages.

2.1 Company Licenses/Permits A Table Wine or a Beer Manufacturer’s License is required as applicable. This license must be renewed annually prior to the anniversary date. The state fee is $500.00. In addition, there is an applicant-filing fee of $50.00. The total of $550.00 must be remitted in the form of a check or a money order. [AL Law, Title 28, Chapter 7, Sections 28-7-11, 12 and 13.] In the case of a wine or malt beverage importer, an Importer’s License is required. The fees are the same as for a Manufacturer’s License. [AL Law, Title 28, Chapter 7, Sections 28-7-10 and 28-7-13.] Note: If an entity is organized in a state other than Alabama it will be necessary, as[…]

A licensee authorized to sell draft beer for consumption off the licensed premises may fill, refill, and sell beer in refillable containers or jugs that are glass, ceramic, aluminum, stainless steel, or other material approved by the Board that have a capacity of not more than one hundred twenty-eight ounces (128 oz.). Such containers must be capable of being securely sealed in a manner approved by the Board. Plastic containers may be used, but are not reusable. The following guidelines apply: The container shall be filled or refilled only at the time the in-person sale is made and only with beer from the original container. Containers may not be filled in advance. A licensee may exchange a container that can[…]