Note: This section summarizes the temporary changes implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic that are of interest to interstate suppliers. For the duration of the public health emergency no on-premise consumption of alcoholic liquor is allowed on the premises and grounds of a liquor permittee. Restaurants, cafés, and taverns may only sell sealed containers of alcoholic liquor consistent with the alcohol types that they are currently permitted to sell on-premise based on their permit type, and only if it is part of a take-out order that is being picked up by the customer that includes the pick-up of food prepared on premises. Curbside pick-up adjacent to the permit premises is allowed, if there is no municipal ordinance to the contrary.[…]

Effective 10/1/19 Until 9/30/19 Wine 14% ABV and under* $0.79/gallon $0.72/gallon Wine 14.1% – 21% ABV* $0.79/gallon $0.72/gallon Wine 21.1% ABV and over $1.98/gallon $1.80/gallon Sparkling Wine $1.98/gallon $1.80/gallon Art. Carb. Wine $1.98/gallon $1.80/gallon Distilled Spirits $5.94/Gallon $5.40/Gallon Liquor Coolers** $2.71/Gallon $2.46/Gallon Malt Beverages $7.20/Barrel $7.20/Barrel Malt Beverages $3.60/Half Barrel $3.60/Half Barrel Malt Beverages $1.80/Quarter Barrel $1.80/Quarter Barrel Malt Beverages $0.24/Gallon (or fraction)*** $0.24/Gallon (or fraction)*** Cider not over 7% ABV Same as beer Same as beer * The rate for producers who produce less than fifty-five thousand (55,000) gallons per year is $0.18 per gallon until September 30, 2019, and $0.20 per gallon effective October 1, 2019. Such producers must present each wholesaler selling their product with a certificate[…]

14.1 Direct Sales and Shipments to Consumers The holders of an Out-of-State Shipper’s Permit for alcoholic liquors, an Out-of-State Winery Shipper’s Permit for wine, a Connecticut Farm Winery Manufacturer’s Permit, or an Out-of-State Retailer’s Shipper’s Permit for wine may sell and ship wine (and only wine) manufactured or sold by such permittee directly to Connecticut consumers, provided that such shipments are in accordance with local ordinances where such consumers reside, and under the following guidelines: Shipping labels must be affixed to all such shipments and must conspicuously state the following: “CONTAINS ALCOHOL – SIGNATURE OF A PERSON AGE 21 OR OLDER REQUIRED FOR DELIVERY.” Signature of an adult twenty-one (21) years of age or older must be obtained at the[…]

15.16.1 Entertainment of Retailers It is the Department’s position that limited entertainment of retail licensees to facilitate relationship building between suppliers and retail permittees and between wholesalers and retail permittees is a lawful and acceptable business practice. Additionally, a supplier or wholesaler may give or sponsor educational seminars for employees of retailers at the supplier’s, wholesaler’s, or retailer’s premises or a third-party location. However, a supplier or wholesaler may not pay for travel or lodging for a retailer or its employees. Nominal hospitality, including food service with wine, may be provided. Suppliers may furnish meals and entertainment; e.g. attendance at a sporting event, concert, or play, to a retail permittee or its employees as long as the entertainment is part[…]

Limited to a supplier’s or wholesaler’s own products only, under the following guidelines and with the retailer’s permission: Permissible to stock shelves or floor displays in sales areas only at any newly licensed off-sale premise. This applies to all classes of alcoholic beverages. Setup of displays and point-of-sale materials is permissible for all classes of alcoholic beverages. Rotation of perishable products is permitted, provided that rotation consists of moving stock from the rear to the front on the shelves in the sales area only. This does not include stocking/cleaning shelves and other similar services on shelves in the sales or any other area. Affixing of retailer’s designated prices on point of sale material only is permitted for all classes of[…]