15.16.1 Entertainment of Retailers Suppliers and/or wholesalers may provide retail licensees or their employees with normal and customary hospitality; i.e., lunch, dinner, tickets to sporting events, etc. A representative of the supplier or wholesaler must accompany the retail licensee or its employee. The same retailer or group of retailers may not be entertained on a continuous basis to the exclusion of others. Such entertainment is permitted, so long as it does not result in the total or partial exclusion of products sold by other industry members. [Illinois Liquor Control Commission Trade Practice Policies No. 2 (TPP-2), Paragraph 3.] 15.16.2 Contests/Incentives for Retailers and Their Employees [Reserved.]

15.9.1 Sampling/Tasting for Consumers Consumer tasting and sampling is permitted under the parameters outlined below. “Product Sampling” or “tastings” is defined as a supervised presentation of alcoholic beverage products to the public at a retail licensee’s premises for the purposes of information and education, with the consumption of the alcoholic beverages being an incidental part of the presentation. A manufacturer, non-resident dealer, foreign importer, importing wholesaler, wholesaler, retail licensee or a non-licensee, may conduct samplings and tastings. In the case of a non-licensee, it must register as a tasting representative and obtain the necessary license. The annual fee is $300.00 if application is made or renewed by mail, and $200.00 if application is made or renewed on-line. For further information[…]

Note: Suppliers are reminded that the Federal Alcohol Administration Act (FAA) and the Federal Regulations (Title 27 CFR) contain provisions governing trade practices and those provisions may be more restrictive than state law. Therefore, Federal law may limit some activities allowed by state law and regulations. When reviewing any of the trade practice sections contained in the State Digests, suppliers should consider Federal law as well. Note: Using the words “free” or “complimentary” or any similar word with alcoholic liquor is prohibited. The use of such words is specifically prohibited by Title 11, Subtitle A, Chapter I, Part 100, Section 100.280, of Illinois regulations.

9.1 Credit to Wholesalers No statutory or regulatory provisions noted for credit provisions for sales to distributors or wholesalers. 9.2 Credit to Retailers Industry members selling wine and spirits to retailers may extend credit up to 30 days to the retailer. Industry members selling beer to retailers must have invoices paid in cash at or before delivery. [IL Regulations, Title 11, Subtitle A, Chapter I, Part 100, Section 100.500(c)(2).]

4.1 Price Posting/Quotations/Lead Times Price posting is not required. There are no statutory or regulatory provisions regarding advance notification of price changes. However, in practice, wholesalers prefer advance notification of price changes, particularly increases. Introductory prices for new items/sizes can become effective at any time, as long as label registration has been filed. 4.2 Case Code Label Requirements Not required. Applicable to Control States only. 4.3 Invoicing All sales and shipments must be by bona fide invoice. 4.4 Miscellaneous Requirements There are no requirements out of the ordinary, such as special codes, etc.

3.1 Product Approval Requirements Label registration is required. [IL Regulations, Title 11, Subtitle A, Chapter I, Part 100, Section 100.70.] Note: Unlike federal regulations, which do not require a statement of alcohol content on wines under 14% ABV designated as “table” wine or “light” wine, Illinois regulations require that the alcohol content be stated on all wine labels. 3.2 Container Deposit Requirements There are no container deposit requirements for any class of alcoholic beverages.

2.1 Company Licenses/Permits A Non-Resident Dealer’s License is required. The license is renewable annually, prior to the expiration date. The fee is $1,500.00 for a manufacturer of five hundred thousand (500,000) or more gallons per year and $350.00 for a manufacturer of less than five hundred thousand (500,000) gallons per year if renewal is done by mail. If renewal is done on-line, the renewal fees are $1,200.00 and $250 respectively. To access on-line renewal, visit www.mytax.illinois.gov. If renewal is done on-line there is an option to pay by credit card. At the time of initial application, the registration statements referred to in Section 10, Franchise Laws/Wholesaler Registration Requirements, must be filed for each designated wholesaler. In addition to the fees[…]

Wine or spirits customized label programs may be offered by industry members to retailers. A customized label program is defined as a sale in which the retailer purchases a single barrel of wine or spirits and the retailer has the option of selecting the product blend, age, estate, barrel or wood type in which the wine or spirits is stored or aged. Custom label programs must be offered to all similarly situated retailers who agree to purchase the program under the following guidelines: All formulas and brand rights to the wine and spirits products must be owned by industry members; no brand rights to the wine or spirits product, or exclusive use of the blend or product options, may be[…]