Note: This section summarizes the temporary changes implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic that are of interest to interstate suppliers. The following regulatory relief measures have been announced by the Oregon OLCC: 17.7.1 Curbside Sales and Delivery For the duration of the ban on on-premise sales, full On-Premises Sales licensees do not need to meet the food service requirements of the license in order to sell malt beverages, wine, or cider for off-premises consumption. Full On-Premises Sales licensees may sell malt beverages, wine, and cider in crowlers or growlers for consumption off the licensed premises (takeout only). They may also obtain an Off-Premises Sales license and sell factory-sealed containers (bottles and cans) or securely-covered containers (crowlers and growlers) for consumption[…]

A report of all sales to Oregon wholesalers is due to the Privilege Tax Department by the 20th of the month, covering sales during the preceding month. Formerly a copy of each invoice covered by the report was required with paper reports, and paper reports were not required if there are no shipments in a given month. Beginning with the report for January 2021 shipments, online reporting is required for Certificate of Approval licensees. Copies of invoices are no longer required; instead licensees must enter or upload line-item data for each shipment. Reports are required for months in which no shipments were made. [OLCC Privilege Tax Online FAQs accessed online 12/10/2020.] If the reports are not submitted and the tax[…]

14.1 Direct Sales and Shipments to Consumers Permitted for malt beverages, wine, and cider only. Shipment of distilled spirits is not permitted. No person may make sales and shipments of malt beverages, wine or cider directly to Oregon residents unless the person holds a Direct Shipper Permit issued by the Commission. Anyone who knowingly makes, participates in, transports, imports or receives a shipment of wine or cider that is in violation of this section of the law is guilty of a misdemeanor, as provided in Title 37, Chapter 471, Section 471.990(1), of Oregon law. The Commission will issue Direct Shipper permits only to the following individuals or entities: The holder of a license issued by Oregon or another state authorizing[…]

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2.1 Company Licenses/Permits A Certificate of Approval is required for domestic malt beverages, wine or cider. For domestic products, the manufacturer must obtain the certificate; for those produced outside the U.S., the entity importing them into Oregon must obtain the certificate. This certificate is valid beginning on the date of issuance through December 31 of the fifth calendar year following the calendar year in which it was issued, and is renewable for each five (5) year period thereafter. The fee is $350.00. [OR Law, Title 37, Chapter 471, Section 471.3181.] Note: Refer also to Section 14, Direct Shipments to Consumers and/or Retailers, for information on a Direct Shipper and a Wine Self-Distribution permit. 2.2 Sales Representative Licenses Salesperson’s Licenses are[…]

Wine is sold only through the private sector (wholesalers). Vermouth is sold both through the state-controlled system and the private sector (wholesalers).

Only wine and vermouth are sold through Oregon wholesalers. For information regarding the mechanics of—and restrictions on—changing prices on vermouth and distilled spirits sold through the state-controlled system, refer to the OREGON CONTROL Digest. 4.1 Price Posting/Quotations/Lead Times Price posting is not required. Introductory prices for new items/sizes can become effective at any time. No statutory or regulatory requirements regarding advance notification of price changes to wholesalers were noted. However, in practice, wholesalers prefer advance notification of price changes, particularly increases. 4.2 Case Code Label Requirements None. Requirements are applicable to product sold to the Liquor Control Commission only. 4.3 Invoicing All sales must be on a bona fide invoice. 4.4 Miscellaneous Requirements Relating to Pricing There are no requirements[…]

16.10.1 Manufacturer or Wholesaler Sponsorships of Temporary Special Events A “temporary special event” is defined as an event licensed with a temporary sales license under Section 471.190 of Oregon law, the temporary use of an annual license under Section 471.184(2) of Oregon law or a special event brewery public house license under Section 471.200 of Oregon Law where the event does not exceed five license days and the event in not on a licensee’s annually licensed premises. It does not include events licensed with a special event winery license, a special event grower license or a special event distillery license. A manufacturer or wholesaler sponsoring a temporary special event may provide the temporary special event licensee with only items or[…]