Note: This section summarizes the temporary changes implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic that are of interest to interstate suppliers. The following regulatory relief measures have been enacted in Pennsylvania: 17.7.1 Off Premise Sales in Manufacturer-Sealed Containers State liquor stores were initially closed to the public. Access for licensees via phone orders and curbside pickup begun in April. One order per caller per day is allowed, and each order is limited to six (6) bottles per order. Online orders are also being accepted through the PLCB e-commerce site. Pennsylvania residents have the following additional access to alcoholic beverages: Nearly 1,000 licensed producers in Pennsylvania – including breweries, wineries, and distilleries – may still sell their own products for off-premises consumption.[…]

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Northwest Office Building Forster Street Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17124 (Mailing Address) PLCB Bureau of Licensing P. O. Box 8940 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17105-8940 844-707-5475 (help desk phone) 717-783-8250 (licensing phone) 717-787-9454 (legal department phone) Department of State 302 North Office Building 401 North Street Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120 717-787-6458 (phone) 717-787-1734  (fax)

Note: A sweepstakes sponsored by an alcoholic beverage supplier or importer offers consumers of legal drinking age the chance to win a prize based upon a random drawing. There can be no “consideration” required. In other words, consumers may not be required to do anything more than furnish their name, address, phone number and age. A contest, on the other hand, requires that some element of skill be involved. Permitted with prior approval from the Liquor Control Board. Details and samples of the point-of-sale material must be submitted by the Vendor of Record on behalf of the supplier sponsoring the sweepstakes. No purchase may be required, alcoholic beverages may not be given as prizes, and entrants must be of legal[…]

Retail licensees are permitted to discount the price of alcoholic beverages for a period of not more than four (4) consecutive or non-consecutive hours in a business day and not more than fourteen (14) hours per week, except that prices may not be discounted between 12:00 a.m. (midnight) and the legal closing hour. Retail licensees may not engage in any of the following practices: Sell and/or serve more than one (1) alcoholic beverage to any single person at any one time for the price of a single drink. In other words, “two drinks for the price of one” type specials are prohibited. Sell and/or serve an increased volume of one (1) alcoholic drink without a proportionate increase in price. Sell[…]

No print advertisement is permitted within 300 feet of any church, school, or public playground. [Document on Unlawful Activities dated 8/19/19 distributed to licensees and posted on the Board’s website.]

Permitted only under very limited circumstances. Direct mailings may be made only to those consumers who have specifically requested that their names be put on a list to receive notice of offers or promotions. Direct mail advertising of alcoholic beverages to the general public is prohibited. [Written advice from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, dated May 7, 2002, document on Unlawful Activities dated 8/19/19 distributed to licensees and posted on the Board’s website.]

Cooperative advertising between industry members and retail licensees selling wine and/or distilled spirits is prohibited. [PA Regulations, Title 40, Part I, Chapter 13, Subchapter A, Sections 13.14 and 13.24 and PA Law, Title 47, Chapter 1, Article IV, Section 4-493, Subsection 20(ii).] Note: No mention may be made of any retail licensee selling distilled spirits and wine, no matter how inconspicuous the reference. However, the Liquor Control Board historically has approved cooperative advertising between malt beverage manufacturers or distributors and malt beverage licensees, as long as each party pays its fair share of the cost of the advertising. [Written advice from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, dated May 7, 2002.] By prior written agreement, manufacturers may reimburse distributors and importing[…]

Banners and signs meant for exterior use are considered to be advertising novelties, if such banners and signs advertise products sold by the licensee or the name of the manufacturer in a conspicuous way. The wholesale cost of such signs may not exceed $15.00. All such banners and signs must comply with the provisions of Title 47, Chapter 1, Article IV, Section 493, of Pennsylvania law, which addresses unlawful advertising. [Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Advisory Notice No. 10 (7th Revision), dated May 15, 2019.]

Permitted with prior approval from the Board. Signs must be submitted for approval a minimum of ninety (90) days in advance of their use. Signs intended for use in a doorway or window are limited in size to six hundred (600) square inches. Price advertising in windows is no longer limited to menus and wine lists. No more than one (1) sign or placard may be displayed for any one (1) brand at any one (1) time. Individual signs can show multiple brands produced by the same manufacturer. Such signs are subject to the point-of-sale cost limit of $300.00 per brand. Public venue licensees and certain licensees who also hold licenses issued by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board are exempt[…]

Note: The total cost of all point-of-sale advertising material furnished to a retail licensee for any single brand may not exceed $300.00, regardless of the number of items. [Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Advisory Notice No. 10 (7th Revision), dated May 15, 2019.]