15.9.1 Tastings at On-Premise Establishments Permitted under the following conditions: Consumers may be offered samples or tastings of beer, wine or distilled spirits under controlled circumstances that assure that the beverage(s) would not be served to underage persons. All alcoholic beverages must be purchased from licensed in-state wholesalers and all applicable taxes must be paid in full. Tastings must be conducted in on-premise retail licensed establishments (hotels, restaurants, etc.). Tastings may not be conducted in any other unlicensed location. Samples may not be given to the consumer for consumption elsewhere. A fee may be paid by the conductor of a tasting to the owner of the licensed premises where a tasting is conducted [RI Regulations, Rule 36.] 15.9.2 Tastings at[…]

Note: Suppliers are reminded that the Federal Alcohol Administration Act (FAA) and the Federal Regulations (Title 27 CFR) contain provisions governing trade practices and those provisions may be more restrictive than state law. Therefore, Federal law may limit some activities allowed by state law and regulations. When reviewing any of the trade practice sections contained in the State Digests, suppliers should consider Federal law as well. Note: All promotional programs must be submitted for prior approval. Promotional programs include, but are not limited to, co-packs, gift packs, sweepstakes, contests, consumer offers, etc. [RI Regulations, Rule 29.]