14.1 Direct Sales and Shipments to Consumers Manufacturers and rectifiers of vinous beverages or malt beverages operating a winery or brewery in the United States and holding the necessary valid state and federal permits and licenses may obtain a Direct Ship to Consumer License by filing an application with the Department in the form required, accompanied by copies of applicant’s current out-of-state manufacturer’s license, and the required fee of $330.00. This license expires April 30th and is renewable annually. The fee may be paid with a company check. Direct Ship licensees may ship only vinous or malt beverages produced by them, under the following guidelines: Shipments may be made only to individuals for personal use and not for resale. The[…]

2.1 Company Licenses/Permits Note: Refer to section 14, Direct Shipments to Consumers and/or Retailers for more details (wine only). 2.1.1 Wine A Certificate of Approval for vinous beverages is required and is renewable annually, prior to the expiration date of April 30. The fee is $985.00, and may be paid by company check. 2.1.2 Malt Beverages A Certificate of Approval for malt beverages is required and is renewable annually, prior to the expiration date of April 30. The fee is $2.485.00. [VT Law, Title 7, Chapter 9, Section 231, and Chapter 11, Section 303.] 2.2 Sales Representative Licenses A Solicitor’s Permit is required. Any person holding a Solicitor’s Permit must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and a[…]

17.4.1 By Wholesalers If a wholesaler is terminated or product has been deemed unsalable, payment for merchandise returned to the supplier by the wholesaler must be made within ten (10) days of receipt of the merchandise by the supplier. [VT Credit Regulations, Section 2A.] In the case of change or termination of a wholesaler, the Certificate of Approval holder must make arrangements to pick up all remaining stock of its products, including any empties and cooperage, from the wholesaler who no longer will be carrying the product, within fifteen (15) days of the date of the change. The wholesaler must be reimbursed at cost plus handling charges that may not exceed fifteen percent (15%) of the cost price. [VT Wholesale[…]

15.11.1 Stocking, Rotation, Price Marking, Merchandising/Resets It is permissible for industry members to stock, rotate and price products that they sell to the retailer, provided products purchased by the retail licensee from other industry members are not altered or disturbed. The rearranging or resetting of all or part of a display of alcoholic beverages is not authorized. [VT Wholesale Dealers and Certificate of Approval Holders and Vermont Manufacturers Regulations, Section 1.] 15.11.2 Slotting Allowances Prohibited. [VT Advertising Regulations, Section 7.]