2.1 Company Licenses/Permits Note: Refer to section 14, Direct Shipments to Consumers and/or Retailers for more details (wine only). 2.1.1 Master Business License A Master Business License is required before any other license or certificate of approval will be issued. This License is available through the Business Licensing Services, and application can be made online through MYDOR. The BLS processing fee to open the first location of a new business/UBI or re-open a business/UBI that has no active locations is $90. The BLS processing fee for all other types of applications is $19.00. Registration of all trade names used is required for all license types, and the fee is $5.00 for each trade name used, including those used on bottle[…]

Note: This section summarizes the temporary changes implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic that are of interest to interstate suppliers. Washington State has made a number of allowances to support the alcoholic beverage industry while the Governor’s COVID-19 Proclamation for business restrictions is in effect. 17.7.1 Curbside Sales and Delivery LCB will temporarily allow Spirits, Beer, Wine Restaurant license holders to sell closed, manufacturer-sealed, bottles or cans of beer, wine and spirits in combination with the sale of “to go” food or by delivery. Liquor sales without food purchases are not included or allowed under this temporary allowance. Curbside sales. Beer, Wine, Spirit (S/B/W) Restaurant, Beer and Wine (B/W) Restaurant, and Tavern licensees will be allowed to make curbside sales[…]

3.1 Product Approval Requirements for Suppliers 3.1.1 Wine A copy of the federal Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) emailed to the Board will be accepted as adequate approval. For wine under 7% ABV or cider no greater that 8.5% ABV, submit WA LCB form LIQ 231, “Application for Product Tracking Code for Beer, Wine Less than 7% ABV or Cider No Greater than 8.5% ABV.” Samples generally are not required but must be submitted for analysis upon request by the Board. Wineries are not required to obtain approval for wine labels on wine that is only sold directly to Washington consumers. [WA Regulations, Title 314, Chapter 314-24, Sections 314-24-040 and 314-24-090.] Note: Unlike federal regulations, which do not require a[…]

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board 1025 Union Avenue SE P. O. Box 43098 Olympia, Washington 98504 360-664-1600 (phone, main number) 360-586-3190 (fax) https://lcb.wa.gov/ wslb@liq.wa.gov State of Washington Business Licensing Services 6500 Linderson Way SW Tumwater, Washington 98501 (Mailing Address) P. O. Box 47473 Olympia, Washington 98504 360-705-6705 (phone) 360-705-6655 (fax) http://bls.dor.wa.gov bls@dor.wa.gov Secretary of State Dolliver Building 801 Capitol Way South Olympia, Washington 98504 (Mailing Address) P. O. Box 40234 Olympia, Washington 98504-0234 360-725-0377 (Corporations Division phone) http://www.sos.wa.gov/ Links for Further Research WA Alcoholic Beverage Control Statutes WA Alcoholic Beverage Control Regulations Search page for WA statutes and regulations

Bill downs (actual price reductions) Permitted Depletion allowances Permitted Purchase allowances Permitted Lump-sum payments Permitted* Quantity discounts Permitted** Free Goods Prohibited * Provided they are given in accordance with the guidelines set forth under Title 27 CFR Part 10 of the federal regulations. ** Certain discounts are prohibited under WAC 314-23-085. However, the subject of what pricing and promotional strategies constitute unfair trade practices is currently subject to litigation and rulemaking. Industry members are advised to consult with counsel and proceed with caution in this area. All wholesalers carrying the brand(s) involved must be treated in a proportionately equal and non-discriminatory manner. Pricing by wholesalers to retailers is extensively regulated. See Section 4.1, Price Posting/Quotations/Lead Times for discussion and additional[…]

4.1 Price Posting/Quotations/Lead Times Price posting is not required. In addition, there are no lead-time requirements for notification of price changes, nor do prices have to be “held” or maintained for any period of time before changes can be made. Note: The statutes and regulations are silent with regard to distilled spirits pricing. All products must be made available to all retail licensees to the extent that it is practical to do so, and it is unlawful to discriminate in price to any purchaser for resale in the State of Washington; however, “price differentials for sales of spirits or wine based upon competitive conditions, costs of servicing a purchaser’s account, efficiencies in handling goods, or other bona fide business factors,[…]

Permitted. Retail licensees may infuse spirituous alcohol by combining distilled spirits with flavorful additives or fruits in a container, and use the infused spirits in preparing cocktails to be served by the glass and consumed on the licensed premises. Any process the retail licensee wishes to use to alter the spirituous liquor in any way, including by fermentation, adding of sugars over time, aging in a barrel, or heating the spirits, would be considered manufacturing and not allowed. [WA Law, Title 66, Chapter 66.24, Section 66.24.400; TTB Opinion on Alcohol Infusions in TTB Newsletter dated May 18, 2012; On-Premises Liquor Licensees Enforcement Bulletin 19-04.]

The direct shipping guidelines set forth below apply to wine shipped to Washington residents by wine manufacturers only. There are no provisions that would allow the shipment of any other type of alcoholic beverages directly to Washington residents, or shipments directly to Washington residents by importers or retail licensees, either those domiciled in Washington or in another state. 14.1 Direct Sales and Shipments to Consumers The holder of a license to manufacture wine issued either by the state of Washington or another state, may ship, for personal use and not for resale, wine of its own manufacture to any Washington resident who is twenty-one (21) years of age or older. There is no limit on the amount of wine that[…]

8.1 Shipping reports All reports must be postmarked on the day it is due or submitted electronically by 10:00 PM on due date. E-filers must finish the payment transaction and receive a confirmation number in order for their WSLCB report submission to be complete. The Board recommends submitting electronically at least one day prior to the due date to ensure completion of the e-payment process. Penalties will accrue at 2% per month on all unpaid balances. 8.1.1 Certificate of Approval Holders A report must be filed monthly with the Liquor Control Board by the 20th of the month covering sales made to Washington wholesalers during the previous month. However, Wineries, Wine Certificate of Approval holders, and Wine Shipper licensees who[…]

16.5.1 Sound trucks Sound truck advertising is prohibited. [WA Regulations, Title 314, Chapter 52, Section 314-52-050.] 16.5.2 Internet – Social Media Industry members and their licensed representatives may use their web sites or social media to post, repost, and share promotional information, including images, about events featuring their products, held at an on-premises retailer’s location or a licensed special occasion event. The information may include links to purchase tickets for the event. Industry members and their licensed representatives may not pay a third party to enhance viewership of a specific post. Industry members are not obligated to post or share information or images on a web site or on social media. A retailer may not require an industry member to[…]